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Complete Home Care Startup Kit

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The Home Care 101 Starter kit is an instant DIGITAL DOWNLOAD that contains everything you need to get your own Non-Medical Home Care business or Home Health Agency up and running!

Our home care agency start up kit includes over 100 professionally developed and formatted home care forms and templates in MS WORD & EXCEL. Each form is completely customizable to your business, so you can add your logo, address, and change any wording that you want or remove to fit your unique business. 

The Home Care agency start up kit also includes a PDF Start up Guide, sample business plan, client service agreement, website start up guide, client communication templates, brochure content, employment forms, and the client forms you need to run your business!

Starting a home care business is an exciting adventure. Begin with the Home Care 101 Start up kit to put you on the fast track to opening your home care business.

Included in the Complete Home Care Start up Kit:

Part 1: Start-up _ Business Planning

  • Home Care Business Start-up Guide (25 pages)
  • Start-up Cost Worksheet
  • Website Quick Start Guide
  • Cash Flow Panning
  • Invoice Template
  • Market Research Checklist
  • Sample Business Plan 1(4 pages)
  • Sample Business Plan 2 (9 pages)
  • Start-up Action Log and List of To-Do’s
  • General Business Plan Guide (10 pages)
  • Start-up Steps (4 pages)

Part 2: Operations Forms

  • Incident Report
  • Client Service Agreement
  • Client Satisfaction Survey
  • Customer Inquiry Sheet
  • Service Referral Form
  • Scheduling Decision Tree
  • Transfer of Care Report
  • Competition Research Worksheet Template
  • Consultation Request Form
  • Customer Inquiry Email Option 2
  • Customer Inquiry Email/ Letter
  • Facility Contract Agreement
  • Client Agreement Option 2
  • Information Request Follow-up Letter or Email
  • Letter – Info New Client
  • New Customer Welcome Letter
  • Expense Report Sheet
  • Phone Script

Part 3: Employee Forms

  • Absence Request Form
  • Employee Contract
  • Employee Handbook
  • Immunization Screening Forms
  • Immunization Waver
  • Interview Guide Option 2
  • Job Description – Companion Caregiver
  • Job Description – Personal Support Worker
  • Job Description – Registered Practical Nurse
  • Job Description – Community Liaison
  • New Hire Checklist
  • Privacy Code of Conduct
  • Reference Check Form
  • Welcome Letter for New Employees
  • HR Employment Application
  • HR Interview Guide Option 1
  • HR- Interview Tips
  • HR Staff- Employee Consent
  • HR - Staff Letter of Hire
  • HR-Letter of Understanding
  •  Nurse Contractor Agreement
  • Vehicle Mileage Sheet

 Part 4: Client Forms

  • Example Care Plan
  • Form for Caregiver to Complete of a Client Appointment
  • Forms - Care Plan Quote
  • Forms - Client Information Profile on Admission
  • Forms – Emergency Contact List
  • Forms – New Client Profile
  • Forms – Progress
  • Forms – Signature Page
  • Process – Transfer of Care Report
  • Forms – Client Complaint Record
  • Forms – Client Medical Assessment
  • Forms – Customer Visitation Checklist
  • Forms – Multidisciplinary Notes
  • Forms – Nurse Assessment
  • Forms – Site Assessment
  • Home Service Assessment _ CarePlan
  • Personal Care Service Assessment _ CarePlan

Part 5: Marketing Forms

  • Article – 5 Things to Know About Home Care
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Forms – Client Rights
  • Forms – Rate Schedule
  •  Introduction Letter for Prospective Clients
  • Newsletter Template
  • Poster – Stay Safe at Home
  • Process – Initial Call Interaction
  • Refer a friend Card
  • Services List
  • Brochure Content
  • Company Introductory Letter
  •  Gift Certificate Template
  • Info Request Letter
  •  Newsletter_Full Page Ad
  • Business Card_Template
  •  Magazine Ads Retirement Communities
  • Online Marketing Cheat Sheet

Part 6: Employee Training Resources

  • Catheter Care Education
  • Certificate of Attendance
  •  Education Evaluation Form
  • Employee Award Template
  • Hand Hygiene Policy Training
  • Skin Tear Education Chart
  • Total Hip Replacement Precautions
  • Training – Aging Process
  • Training – Personal Care
  • Training – Workplace Safety
  • Employee Orientation Presentation
  • PIPEDA – Privacy Policy Manual
  • Staff Record of Training
  • Nurse Competency Test
  • Caregiver Expectation for Client Interaction

 Part 7: Nursing Forms

  •  Nursing – Blood Glucose Monitoring Record
  • Nursing – Feeding Tube General Information
  • Nursing – Fluid Intake and Output Flow Sheet
  • Nursing – Foot Care Assessment Form
  • Nursing – Medical Order Sheet
  •  Nursing – Medical Administration Record
  • Nursing – Medication Log
  • Nursing – Medical Reconciliation Form
  • Nursing – Palliative Care Flow Sheet
  • Nursing – Vital Signs Record
  • Nursing – Nursing Care Plan


Customer Reviews

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Love your site.

Such great info. I am a semi-retired Business owner who did in home care for seniors. One of your comments said, I wish you had mentor's to help. I am looking for an opportunity to do just that. My strong point was helping the family, which is just as important as working with the client. If that is of interest, please reach out. I Would LOVE to help. I am VERY IMPRESSED with your website. Thank you.

Pearl Onyeso
This is quite helpful

I am quite impressed with this

Rasheedat Adebisi
I love the materials

This was so helpful and it saved me a lot of time and research, thank you so much:
I would suggest adding a mentorship package.

Danica Mai Santiago-Dela Cruz

I'm so glad I found their resources as I start my home care business. They not only provide detailed and helpful resources but they also support and communicate with you. Kudos!

Adeola Olugbesan

This is one of the best money I've ever invested in myself and business. I am so so grateful for the total package. I am so glad I found Home Care 101. It has everything you need to start a home care agency. To be honest, I wouldn't have start my business without this package. Thank you Alyssa and team. You guys are a pioneer of great things in this generation. Once again, thank you!