Are you ready to start your own Home Care Business in Canada?

Home Care 101 has everything you need!

Our Complete Home Care Start-Up Kit, the Home Care 101 Academy, and our resource section with blog posts are all designed to help entrepreneurs succeed in starting a Home Care Agency in Canada.

12 years ago I started my own Home Care business in Canada

My name's Alyssa and not that long ago I was starting out just like you!

Now, my business is more successful than I ever thought it could be. I have hundreds of employees, and the business earns over six figures a month. We are helping a lot of people!

I built Home care 101 to help caring entrepreneurs to get through the hardest part....getting started!

You might think I'm crazy to help others start successful businesses, but trust me when I say there is more than enough business to go around. Canada is a big country!

We've got lots of ways to help you get started!

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  • "I'm really glad I found this site before I signed a franchise agreement. I would've been paying the franchise fees forever."

    — Anna (Edmonton)

  • "The starter kit really helped me get moving on my business. I'd been trying to start on my own but I just needed a little push and this helped a lot!"

    — Jeanna (Mississauga)

  • "I think people buy the franchise because they're afraid.  I know I was. But I'd say think long and hard before you buy a franchise!  You can do this better yourself!"

    — Ally (Victoria)

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