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Home Care Policy & Procedure Manual (Canada)

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This comprehensive home care policy and procedure manual is immediately available after purchase by digital download. It is delivered as a MS WORD document that is completely editable so it can be customized to your specific business and operational needs. 

This policy and procedure manual is 154 pages and addresses all essentials policies and procedures necessary for operating a home care services business in Canada. 

The table of contents is as follows:

I. Introduction

  1. Purpose of the manual
  2. Scope of the manual
  3. Organization of the manual
  4. Purpose and objectives of home care
  5. Philosophy
  6. Continuity of care
  7. Patient acceptance criteria
  8. Accessing service for unpredicted needs after hours
  9. Referrals to other agencies
  10. Consents

 II. Patient Rights and Responsibilities

  1. Patient rights and responsibilities
  2. Patient confidentiality
  3. Advance directives
  4. Patients' rights to participate in their own care
  5. Limited english proficiency (lep)
  6. Prohibition and prevention of abuse
  7. Accessibility policy
  8. Non-discrimination policy

 III. Quality of Care

  1. Patient assessment
  2. Care planning
  3. Monitoring patient progress
  4. Care coordination
  5. Clinical documentation
  6. Patient outcomes
  7. Medication management
  8. Pain management
  9. Quality management

 IV. Health and Safety

  1. Infection control
  2. Emergency preparedness
  3. Fire safety
  4. Environmental safety
  5. Hazardous material management
  6. Personal protective equipment
  7. Equipment maintenance and use
  8. Work environment
  9. Incident reporting
  10. Critical incident reporting

 V. Human Resources- Staffing & Training

  1. Employee qualifications
  2. Criminal background checks
  3. Employee health screening
  4. Employee training
  5. Employee orientation
  6. Employee competency evaluation
  7. Performance evaluations
  8. Professional development & continuing education
  9. Employee conduct and performance
  10. Employee recruitment and selection
  11. Employee benefits
  12. Employee discipline and termination
  13. Equal employment opportunity

 VI. Billing and payment

  1. Insurance and reimbursement
  2. Patient billing
  3. Insurance verification
  4. Insurance and reimbursement
  5. Payment collection
  6. Direct patient billing & payment
  7. Financial management

 VII. Complaint and Grievance

  1. Reporting complaints
  2. Investigating complaints

 VIII. Forms and records

  1. Patient records
  2. Electronic health records
  3. Confidentiality of patient information
  4. Employee files & records
  5. Privacy policy

 IX. Compliance

  1. Regulatory compliance
  2. HIPAA compliance
  3. Medicare certification
  4. State regulations
  5. Accreditation standards