3 Steps to Building a Home Care Business Brand: Marketing for Home Care

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We are open for business! Now what?

I have heard so many times from passionate entrepreneurs who say that they have done “everything” to set up their home care business, but they don’t have any clients.

How is that possible?

My first question is always “How are you marketing your home care business?” which is usually followed by a blank stare.

For many of us we think that creating a website is the end of the story. Once you are published online, you are open and the phone will ring…. right? 


Creating a home care business requires marketing and advertising just like any new business. Despite what I thought when I was starting out, creating a website is NOT the same as opening a store front.  I understand the feeling that when your website “goes live” that you are officially open for business. It’s like turning on the neon OPEN sign in your store window, and it certainly makes it real in your mind. These are the thoughts I had when I was starting out. Although I knew it probably wouldn’t be that easy, I certainly hoped it would be. I imagined that the phone would start ringing that same day with my ideal clients asking for exactly the right services that I was ready to provide and I would never have to spend a dollar on advertising.  That would have been pretty cool, but I wasn’t quite that lucky!

Setting up your website is one of the first steps, but even that needs to be done in the right way.  Let’s go back to the basics of the essential steps to building your private home care business brand and market your business for success!

If you are a health care professional like me, marketing might not be natural for you, but just remember…. you can’t help anyone if they don’t know that your home care business exists!


Creating your brand really starts with your logo. Everything else will be built around this. Your logo needs to convey the feeling of your brand through colour, shape, and words.  I am not a naturally artistic person, but I know what I like when I see it.

Don’t worry about making it perfect, just explore what you like and go with it. I have always made sure to seek feedback from at least 5 people on initial designs before committing. There are times when there is something I really like, but no one else seems drawn to it.

As the business owner, it needs to be something that speaks to you, but more importantly it needs to speak to your customers.  Starting a home care business is all about building and maintaining trust with your clients. Your logo is the first impression.

I have used Fiverr for most of my marketing materials, and I have been so happy with the quality of the work and the price.

Try out the Fiverr LOGO MAKER to get started right now!


 Step 2: Create Business Cards & Brochures, & Stationary

 Your marketing efforts will include both online and offline marketing. For all of your offline marketing, like networking, seminars, and conferences you will need to have professional business cards and brochures to provide to the people you connect with.   A Fiverr designer can also create letterhead for your business so you can send out introduction letters and communicate with other health care providers while looking professional. Fiverr Business Cards & Stationary designers can turn your logo into professional marketing materials.

I always carry my business cards with me because when you are running a home care business, everyone becomes a potential customer. I have found many times that I get into a conversation with someone at the grocery store, or in the neighborhood that results in a potential customer for my business.  Many people inevitably ask what you do for work during the course of a conversation, and then suddenly they are telling you all about their aging mother and how she needs help. Having that business card handy is important!

If you need brochure content, introductory letter content and other marketing materials, make sure to check out the Complete Home Care Start up Kit.

 Step 3: Learn about & Set Up Google Search Ads

Your customers are searching for you online. You need to understand google search and ads so that your amazing website can be found by the customers who need your services.  It may not be as simple as just launching your website and waiting for the phone to ring, but it is not overly complicated either.  As a home care business owner, you probably don’t want to spend all of your time learning about SEO and google ad strategies. It is important to learn about, but you don’t have to be an expert. You can outsource to an expert!

If you want to learn more about how Google Ads and SEO works, check out this Fiverr Course on Google Ads.

If you just want to get your google ads up and running so customers can find you, consider hiring a google ad expert to set up your campaigns for success. Google Ads are the best advertising money you can spend online, in my opinion. It has provided by home care business with an amazing Return on Investment (ROI).

To check out the Fiverr Google Ad experts, you can go here

Once you have your logo, the essential marketing materials like a brochure, business card, letterhead, and of course a website. Get your ads on google search and THEN the phone will start to ring. Be prepared to answer incoming calls and practice discussing your services. Be confident and you will inspire the trust of your customers.

 In Health & Good Marketing,


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