How to Start a Successful Home Health Care Business: Provide Private Care Services for the Elderly

How to Start a Successful Home Health Care Business: Provide Private Care Services for Elderly


If you are paying attention to the world around you, you may have noticed that there are a lot of senior citizens! Our population is aging and the people in our communities need quality services to allow them to remain in the comfort of their own homes. We are all becoming more focused on the quality of life that we live, not just how long we live. Social workers and medical professionals see the value in care at home, and this is only increasing the already high demand for private home care services.


Starting a private home care business may appeal to you if you are a medical professional, already working in senior care, or perhaps you are just a caring person with an entrepreneurial streak who can imagine being your own boss and running your own business. This type of business meets a growing need and certainly provides you with a world of potential clients.


I don't know about you, but I definitely want to stay in my home as I age. The idea of moving into a care facility makes me feel anxious. Would I just become another gray head in a sea of drooling, confused, and incontinent peers who have to vie for the attention of a few care staff? I don't want that for my future, and I'm sure you don't either.


The baby boomers have been caring for family members as they age, and they understand the reality of moving into a long-term care facility....and they don't want that! There is a growing demand for professional caregivers who specialize in the type of care that seniors require at home as they age. You can operate a senior home care business that is focused on the what quality of life means for each individual client, and assign home care aides that are a good fit for the daily activities that your client enjoys to truly provide quality of care.


Starting a senior care business is hard work and it takes time and effort to become established as a trusted home care provider. This is not any different than you would expect with any new business, especially one that is providing such services like caring for the vulnerable in our community. You need to put in some time to build relationships with referral sources in your area, and establish yourself as a reliable home health care agency.


There is no one specific training course for home care business owners, but if you don't have a health care background, you could seek out caregiver training courses to get a better understanding of aging and the common conditions in the elderly such as Alzheimer's disease. If you have some training as a professional caregiver, you will be better equipped to hire knowledgeable staff members who will uphold the highest standards of care.


The essential step is doing your research into senior home care businesses in your area. Once you start talking to your soon to be competitors you will start to understand the services that they offer, what they do well, what they don't do so well, and how you can fill a gap in the market. Don't be intimidated because there are other home care providers already operating in your area....just remember that if someone else is already doing it, that is good affirmation that it was a good business idea!


Starting a private home care business for seniors is a good idea, maybe your best idea yet! Here are the basic steps for you to become a business owner of your very own home care agency!


  1. Pick a business name
  2. Make a business plan
  3. Determine the business structure you want to have (sole proprietorship, corporation, limited liability company, etc)
  4. Determine the type of services you want to provide
    • Personal care services
    • Nursing care services
    • Alzheimer’s Care
    • Palliative care
    • Companion care
    • Light housekeeping
    • Physical therapy
    • Handyman services
    • Meal preparation
    • Grocery shopping
    • Transportation to Appointments & Errands
    1. Make a marketing plan to build a robust online presence, including social media and digital marketing
    2. Create marketing strategy for community relationship building and referral sources
    3. Solidify your hiring process to recruit and retain the very best professional caregivers
    4. Follow through on your promises to your clients and deliver quality care services!


    If you aren't sure where to start, you may be considering a home care franchise. I get it, I looked at buying a franchise too. It's a good idea to explore this option. You'll get lots of information and you'll learn about the home care industry. Before you cut a check and sign up for a home care franchise, read my article about why I decided to venture out and start my own private home care agency.


    Elder care needs quality home care agencies, so I hope your next step is to consider the needs of the older adults in your community and the growing need for non-medical home care services and get started on your journey as a home care business owner.

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